Fighting Spirit! Alcohol Consumption by US Teens Falls

Drinking alcohol is culturally regarded as an indispensable part of one’s coming-of-age ceremony, with most individuals sampling their first alcoholic beverage during adolescence. Although the common views on the dangers of alcohol are more likely to be diluted among teenagers, the use of alcohol in this age group inflicts a myriad of adverse consequences, such as poor academic performance, risky sexual behaviors, development of psychiatric illnesses and alcohol use disorder (AUD), etc.

Compared to the adults, the early exposure to drinking is rampant among adolescents. Some of the consequences of underage drinking include an increased number of deaths due to motor vehicle crashes, homicides, suicide, and other forms of injuries, such as falls, burns, etc. Some of the efforts aimed at reducing the consumption of alcohol among adolescents entail adequate awareness about the risks of alcohol use, stricter laws for identity checks, stringent keg registration processes, and determination of the minimum age for alcohol proprietors, servers and establishments.

The good news is that alcohol consumption among teenagers has declined between 1991 and 2015, especially binge drinking. Binge drinking has primarily declined due to the decrease in drinking among the youngsters who are well off and some relevant interventions. However, the bad news is that the decrease in frequent binge drinking (FBD) is not uniform across all teenage subpopulations, particularly among adolescents from the lower socioeconomic groups, girls and African-Americans.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) delves into the nature of teenage alcohol consumption. It is one of the first studies to account FBD by age, period of alcohol consumption and its cohort effects.

Decrease in binge drinking not consistent among teens

Dr. Bohyun Joy Jang, a researcher at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan and the first author of the study, pointed out that the patterns of binge drinking started decreasing since the early 2000s, especially FBD among economically well-to-do boys. This suggests that the efforts made at the national and state levels, including policies and programs, have been effective but not widespread. It has apparently not reached all adolescents equally. Considering the seriousness of the problem, it has now become imperative to reach all groups to bridge the above gap.

Dr. Scott Hadland, a pediatrician and an adolescent addiction specialist at the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine at Boston Medical Center, reveals that the use of most substances has consistently declined since the 1990s among teenagers, except the use of marijuana due to the decrease in the perceptions of harm. He also alludes to the fact that about one in two high school seniors reported of using alcohol in the past month in the 1990s; however, in 2016, alcohol consumption dropped to one in three.

Today, more and more teenagers are likely to condemn binge drinking and fewer are reporting that alcohol is easily available. While these perceptions on alcohol use fall in line with the study findings and are a cause for celebrations as far as the public health achievements are concerned, the authors still emphasize that much work is yet to be done. The prevention of excessive alcohol consumption and the health burden it exerts on the youth population demands the banding together of parents, teachers, health care providers and researchers.

Consequences of heavy drinking

Despite the above success in terms of drinking due to effective preventive care and spread of awareness, many of the adolescents remain bereft of the benefits of the various anti-drinking programs. The authors of the study identified some of the key barriers to preventing FBD among adolescents. Some of the hurdles are as mentioned below:

  • Unequal access to high-quality care and screening as well as referral services among different sections of the youth population.
  • Effective messaging and good preventive care under anti-drinking programs aren’t trickling down amongst all teenagers.
  • Need for greater participation by health care providers to screen for alcohol problems and intervention.
  • A lapse in effective communication between parents and teenager in underlining the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

As most adolescents do not measure their alcohol intake, they are likely to undermine the negative consequences posed by drinking. However, the danger is very real. The top three causes of death among teenagers are motor vehicle crashes, homicide and suicide, wherein alcohol is often involved. The users in an inebriated state are also at an increased risk of harming themselves, making inappropriate decisions and engaging in sexual practices.

Lastly, being at the pinnacle of their youth, they may not grasp the concept of addiction and the long-term health complications that ensue, believing they are immune from alcohol-related illnesses, such as liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Fight against alcohol addiction

Anyone can develop alcohol dependence irrespective of his or her age, ethnicity, gender and social status. Alcohol has the potential to rewire the brain and cause a range of cognitive behavioral problems, such as memory loss, poor coordination and concentration, mood swings, etc. People are also likely to experience stark changes in their appetite, face problems at work and lose interests in things.

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New Leadership Book Promotes Diversity Among Leaders

Dr. Teddie Malangwasira’s new book Administration Is Not About Race: How Leaders and Followers Inspire and Access Each Added brings account about administration into the twenty-first aeon by advocating for according befalling a part of leaders-in fact, this book levels the arena acreage by absolute that we are all leaders in our circadian lives. By extension, you do not charge to be the academic white, eye-glass wearing, balding, middle-aged or earlier macho to be a leader. Leaders can appear from any race, class, gender, animal orientation, religion, or added accumulation appellation you can imagine.

In his preface, Dr. Malangwasira describes how he wrote this book in the deathwatch of the abandon he has apparent appear in the United States in contempo years-violence consistent from abhorrence crimes, badge atrocity adjoin African-Americans, and white supremacists aggravating to yield aback power. As an immigrant to the United States who was built-in in Malawi in Africa, Dr. Malangwasira has accepted the opportunities that abide aural the United States, a country that promotes adequation and diversity, but whose humans generally act in means not coinciding with those beliefs. By assuming the flaws in abominable and racist behavior, Dr. Malangwasira reveals that there is no abode for apropos over chase if it comes to leadership; instead, anybody has the befalling to become a baton and accomplish a aberration in the world.

But admitting its title, there is far added to Administration Is Not About Chase than just the accent on the charge for leaders to appear from all areas of society. This is, aboriginal and foremost, an adorning handbook on how to become a baton by advantageous the obstacles in foreground of you.

Dr. Malangwasira has abstruse to be a baton himself in his family, community, and as a abecedary and academic in his field. But he wasn’t consistently a leader. He grew up in a backbreaking country area the admiral controlled everything. In fact, you could not get an A in agronomics in academy because, as Dr. Malangwasira explains, “Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the Activity Admiral of Malawi, had already anesthetized with an ‘A.’ Since he was admired as the messiah, cipher could canyon with the aforementioned grade.” Dr. Malangwasira grew up in a post-colonial country in which the ability of white rulers connected to access the government and sustain the acceptance that whites were above and, therefore, fabricated the best leaders. Fortunately, Dr. Malangwasira was able to apprehend that these angle of leaders were not true, and he was able to acquisition a bigger way of activity in the United States.

By allegorical what makes a accurate leader, Dr. Malangwasira allows readers to admit accurate administration and aspire to it. However, afore administration can happen, humans accept to aboriginal become followers. Much of the book is adherent to how to become a acceptable addict because after followers, there can be no leaders. Furthermore, in adjustment to lead, you accept to accept what it is to be a addict so you apperceive your followers’ mindsets and how to actuate them.

The book is disconnected into twelve capacity on administration and followership topics. Each affiliate begins with an adorning adduce and ends with a applied appliance exercise to acquiesce readers to reflect on what was abstruse in the affiliate and actuate how they can administer it to their own lives and efforts to be leaders. Affiliate titles include: “Leadership Approaches,” “Excellent Administration Characteristics,” “Leading During Conflict,” and “Being an Effective Follower.” The capacity are disconnected into an outline architecture that allows readers to see the assorted credibility to be fabricated at a glance and aswell to go aback and calmly acquisition actual they may after wish to review. For example, in the “Leadership Approaches” chapter, three approaches are discussed: 1) character, 2) style, and 3) default. Each access is authentic and discussed and examples are provided.

One of the arch credibility of Administration Is Not About Chase is the array of examples that Dr. Malangwasira draws upon. There are personal, family-based examples. There are business examples, including Dr. Malangwasira application abounding of his own career examples from altered companies he’s formed for, primarily in the aliment industry. Plus, abundant political examples-from accompaniment to civic and all-embracing governments-are acclimated to allegorize his points. The aftereffect is that humans ambitious to all sorts of altered administration positions will be able to see how the assorted definitions and approaches administer to altered fields, including their own.

Leadership Is Not About Chase is applied and easy-to-read, yet acerb ashore in all-encompassing analysis and absolute apple examples. Anyone who wants to apprentice what it takes to be a leader-from how to be a acceptable addict to how to affected the obstacles that authority humans aback from leadership-will acquisition a deluge of accessible advice in this book.

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Transgenders, Their Life, Practices and Their Grand Annual Festival at Koovakam, Tamilnadu

Transgenders’ (ARAVANI in Tamil are those adverse humans whose sex as per bearing (either macho or female) will be absent as they abound and they are neuter. No charge to add, they would be butterfingers of accustomed sex nor able to aftermath children.

Incapability of reproduction is aswell a concrete birthmark like amaurosis and crippleness etc. Like a dark man who is beggared of vision, they are beggared of sex, admitting they acquire all the animal desires. At least, the dark people’s crime are credible and humans appearance them sympathy, a transgender’s birthmark is not accepted to outsiders and generally they are advised with antipathy for their anomalous behaviour.

Transgenders reside the activity of that in hell. Generally they are apprenticed abroad from ancestors and they acquire to reside in groups. For the blow of the accumulation associates to acquire them, they acquire to abide transgender anaplasty which is horrible. The already damaged macho changeable organs are to be absolutely removed by operation. Further acids are caked to accomplish bogus aperture afterwards which they become cent percent transgender. This is the acumen why mostly they are articular as changeable beings (it is to be added actuality that avant-garde techniques are accessible for transgender surgery, but a lot of of them resort to these awkward address because of abridgement of funds). Because of these tortures, they become adamant and behave actual rudely with others. They allow in begging, burglary and prostitution. In case of abode breakings, thefts etc, the aboriginal suspicion will abatement on them only. Their corruption includes articulate and anal sex. They are added accessible to HIV advance and are abeyant carriers of the alarming pandemic.

Yet, they acquisition amusement in their circadian lives by authoritative brawl by visiting alliance houses and demography allotment in added festivities. We shall, actuality beneath see some of the accepted practices they follow.

They could be generally apparent in bounded trains, bus stands area humans accumulate in a crowd. They will appeal money from accessible which resemble extortion. Some of them will be actual beautiful,forcing one to anathema God who fabricated them acquire such a defect. In Mumbai, Chennai and added city cities they are approved visitors as un-invited guests in any alliance action or any admirable occasion. The organisers acquire no added another but to allotment with some hundreds of rupees as their gifts.

In case a macho adolescent is built-in in any house, they will appear in groups, sing and ball and appeal money. They will blow the ‘male organ’ of the child, abolish the ‘evil force’ if any and absolve the boy. They are adored that the boy does not resemble them.

However, in a autonomous country like India, they aswell acquire their own role to play. This is conceivably because ‘they acquire VOTES’ and acquire the activity to agitate votes for candidates. One cannot acquisition even a individual advance after their participation. Nowadays, there are some sitting M.L.As, councillors aswell a part of them, appropriately adopted by accessible as their representatives.

The Government of India has formulated several schemes for their welfare. They are accustomed appropriate education. Government has recognised them as ‘third’ gender. There are several Government admiral aswell including Police from their group.

Another Important acreage wherein their casework are utilised by the Government is accumulation of cocky advice groups. They are encouraged to alpha cocky advice groups like added individuals, and banking abetment on advanced agreement are continued by nationalised banks.

They are encouraged to alpha N.G.Os (Non Governmental Organisation) to actualize acquaintance about assorted pandemics with appropriate advertence to HIV/AIDS. Assorted acquaintance camps are captivated by them and action camps are aswell conducted.

Whatever be the abetment Government gives, they will not get what they missed, I.e their sex.

That is why instead of depending on humans or Government, they put their acceptance on God and to accurate their claimed grievance, they adoration Koothandavar, (dancing Siva). KOOTHU in Tamil agency a ball in acute joy performed by artists abnormally by Lord Shiva in a afire Ghat with a bisected burnt skull in His hand.The celebrations are for fifteen canicule already in a year in a apple called Koovakam in Tamilnadu.The anniversary is accepted as Koothandavar vizha which is abounding with mirth, joy and assuredly end with immeasurable grief. This anniversary gives alleviation to the contrarily afflicted humans acceptance to transgender community. Here, for 15 canicule of celebration, they accede themselves as rulers of the world. In added places they ability be advised as aliens. But here, accustomed humans become aliens. Some transgenders were adored with a compensation of adorableness and bounded lads would be just abaft them. They will acquire all amusement and chargeless sex for 15 days. Even a backyard abaft blubbery shrubs will be a bright bed for them.

Koothandavr anniversary is contrarily accepted as ARAVAN festival. Who is Aravan?

Aravan is a appearance from Mahabharatha and son of Arjuna, built-in to one Ulupi, a Naga Princes He was a dupe to save the 5 Pandava brothers who able afterlife from the afire wax alcazar congenital by Sakuni, Dhuriyodhana and company. He was affiliated alone for a day and was accustomed to acquire all the merriments including sex with a admirable girl. It lasted alone for a night. Pandavas able the afire wax alcazar and Aravan’s wife became added in a individual night.

It is awful artistic in allotment this affair for the anniversary anniversary of ARAVANIS (derived from aravan). Actuality the benedict is the temple priest He will tie the bond for hundreds of aravanis for a petty addition (ranging from rupees 10 to 100). Afterwards attached the bond they will acquire chargeless sex with anybody of their choice. Actuality no catechism abstemiousness is complex because the sex is alone a affected one. However that anatomy of sex is aswell actual abundant accessible to HIV spread, Hence amusing workers cascade in groups to admonition including acceptance of Condoms.

There will be a huge car anniversary in which the authoritative celestial will be taken about the village, getting placed in a huge board car.

The endure day will be actual affecting to watch. The aravanis (transgenders) yield the anatomy of widows, cut and bandy the angelic cilia from their neck, breach the angelic bangles, cry with their accepted loud babble because they absent their husband(s)!

Thus their anniversary will appear to an end and they will acknowledgment to their accustomed accepted duties.

This commodity has been put to readers with a appearance that they should apperceive the plight of these accursed people. Next time, if any clairvoyant of this commodity comes beyond Aravanis he may anticipate for a while that they are aswell animal beings and try to admonition them for the advancement of their lives. instead of cursing them or giving petty alms.

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